Bandit Signs

Small variations of the common billboard, bandit signs have the potential to establish a presence in the community without invading the privacy of a prospective seller.

“Bandit signs” establish multiple points of contact with prospective customers and facilitate a relatively cost-effective method for creating brand awareness.

Bandit signs, in conjunction with a little bit of ingenuity, can generate a lot of exposure for relatively new investors. Sometimes, they are all that is required to lock up a deal.

Their usefulness is directly correlated to the strategic placement of each individual sign, as they are intended to act as the initial point of contact for real estate investors and potential sellers. Staked into the ground or placed on walls, these displays are meant to catch the attention of motorists as they drive by, but since most cities have ordinances governing the installation of signs on public property, industry jargon has coined the term, “bandit sign.” Though their names do not do them justice, this medium is essential to creating highly targeted leads.